“Money Money”

Music Video & Media Package


I teamed up with Rad Fox Films to create a bold, funny music video and comprehensive media package for the single “Money Money” off of Transviolet’s upcoming album.

Together we were able to put together an exciting video that manages to:

  1. Tell an action-packed, thematic story with two dovetailing plotlines
  2. Weave satirical anti-capitalist commentary through in-universe TV content, from ads to game shows
  3. Show Donald Trump singing the song, in multiple locations including during his alleged “pee tape,” with cutting-edge DeepFake technology

The corresponding media package we created consists of:

  1. Video Content – vertical story content, social media promos, behind the scenes videos (22 videos)
  2. Photo Content – film, digital, and Polaroid photography as well as postable stills (234 photos and 2 videos)

View the music video and media package below (media package best enjoyed on desktop).

Music Video

Transviolet – “Money Money” (Music Video)


Featured in Paper Magazine.

Director/Editor/VFX Kyle Vorbach
Director of Photographer: Skyler Norton Bocciolatt
On Set Photographer: Canon Brownell
Camera/Lighting Swing: Josh Tomany
Production Designer: Justin Dumke
Hair/Makeup: Dalton
1st AC: Isaac Guy
2nd AC: Devin Kasparian
Gaffer: Levi Kaminkowitz
Key Grip: Paul Kane
Grip Swing: Dan Kustin


Creative Outline


We will make a thoroughly entertaining, plot-driven, comical, thematic, political, and over-the-top video designed to brutally satirize money, corruption and greed while stunning the viewer into thinking “I can’t believe they did that.” “Holy shit” is another great description. We are going for the jugular here.

The video will juggle a main plot line following the band fighting over a winning lottery ticket with quick comical and thematic cutscenes that take the form of commercials and TV programming.



Video Content

Story Content

7 Videos

“Explosion” promo (also formatted for grid post)

3 “Out Now” performance stories (also formatted for grid post)

Social Videos

12 Videos

Shareable “MTV Cribs”-style video shot on behind-the-scenes DV cam

Announcement social video

“Songwriting” Promo – also shot on DV cam

Photo Content

Film Photography

80 Photos

Digital Photography

106 Photos

Polaroid Photography

14 Photos / 2 Videos

Scanned Polaroids on both teal or pink wallpapers

Some video content too

Production Stills